Every pet groomed has his/her nails cut, pads trimmed, ears cleaned, bathed with the Pro-Bather Pet Bathing System, blown dry, a dental check-up, cologne and bandana or bow. Anal glands are expressed upon request. When your pet is styled, the hair on the body is trimmed.

Pro-Bather Pet Bathing System
The Pro-Bather Pet Bathing System is a major breakthrough in pet bathing technology. The Pro-Bather provides your pet with an invigorating massage while providing the most thorough cleaning process ever available. The Pro-Bather will enhance the application of medicated shampoos, flea dips or other coat and skin conditioning treatments.

Additional Grooming Services:

Pet Dental Check-ups
Pet Dental Care is extremely important. More than 85% of dogs and cats over 4 years old suffer from periodontal disease, a condition in which bacteria attack the soft gum tissue. Our highly trained staff will make note of tartar buildup, gum irritations and refer you to your favorite veterinarian if further dental care is required

Frequent Fido Grooming Program
The Frequent Fido Grooming Program is the ultimate plan for keeping your pet in “Show Dog” condition 365 days of the year. Rather than waiting until your pet “needs” grooming, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly appointments¬†can be¬†pre-scheduled which results in your pet always looking and feeling its best.

Healthy Skin and Coat Treatments
Skin is especially susceptible to moisture loss in hot weather or the low humidity associated with indoor heating during the winter months. This treatment contains patented formulas, which helps prevent water loss and helps to maintain norm water balance in the skin. Just try it! You will immediately improve the feel and appearance of your pet’s coat and skin.

Teeth Brushing
We brush your pet’s teeth using a dental gel, dental gel baking soda formula that also loosens and reduces plaque build up. Regular tooth brushing is recommended at every grooming appointment, in addition to descaling by a veterinarian. Tooth-brushing, along with providing the proper dental chew toys, will help keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.

These services are available for your pet to help ensure that he will live a happy, healthy life. We believe regular grooming enhances your pet’s health and well-being. Please tell us if there is any service we don’t offer that you would like performed.