Our boarding kennels are not like any kennels you have seen in the past. We like to refer to our kennels as little hotel suites. The fiberglass lined rooms project a bedroom style comfort that is not matched by any standard cage type kennel run.

KennelKamp Deluxe Suites




Our room rates are divided into two basic comfort levels. This will allow you to match your dogs needs with your budget. First is the 8 x 6 foot sized comfort room with a raised cot if desired.  This will give your dog room to roam with a bed that is possibly more familiar to his/her sleep habits at home. Last is our luxury suite, which is the 8 x 8 foot suite with a raised bed, a color TV and a web camera. This gives your dog the premium of all comforts with the home away from home atmosphere and allows you to sneak a peak at your dog during his stay via the internet.

Boarding Rates

KennelKamp Suites Per Day / Condos with Bedding

Single Occupancy $35.00 / * $39.00
Double Occupancy $59.00 / * $63.00
Triple Occupancy $78.00 / * $82.00


KennelKamp Deluxe Suites Per Day / 8X8 Condos with Beds, TV’s & Web Cams

Single Occupancy $45.00 / * $49.00
Double Occupancy $67.00 / * $71.00
Triple Occupancy $86.00 / * $90.00