Dog Grooming 


Catherine Fillebrown is a professional dog groomer of 27 years. She truly cares and caters to your dog’s every grooming need.
Catherine wants to talk to you and really understand how you want your dog groomed. From nose to tail Catherine does not miss a spot and takes the time to do an over the top job.

                                                Grooming Services 

Every dog groomed has his/her nails trimmed and filed, long hair between the foot pads and toes are trimmed, ears are cleaned and checked. Dogs are bathed, blown dry, the anal glands are expressed upon request or as noticeably needed. Your dog will be beautiful, smell nice, feel soft and receive a bow if time allows. Dogs are groomed as to their breed type or as requested by you.


Bath, Brush, Nails (Small-Medium Dog) $22-40
Bath, Brush, Nails (Medium-Large Dog) $35-65
Bath, Brush, Nails (Extra-Large Dog) $45-70 
Clipped Full Groom (Small Dog) $30-40
Clipped Full Groom (Medium-Large & Extra-Large) $40-65

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